There are many people living in condos today.  They are becoming a preferred choice of home buyers looking to avoid the tedious task of maintenance and repairs.  Condos also have become a favorite option because of their security features.

Although the idea of living in a condo is favorable to many people, when it comes to condo renovation, they are quite skeptical.  People are skeptical because you need first to seek the approval of the condo board before you can renovate your condo unit.

Below we will show some ways to make your condo renovation beautiful, once you have sought permission from the condo board.

Consider the Status Certificate of your condo before undertaking any renovation project in your condo.  This certification provide an idea of the rules governing your condo.  There are elements of that condo that you can alter legally, and they are state in the certification.

There are strict rules imposed by some condo boards like not allowing work to be done during the week ends.  Some condo boards give a limited time period for the renovation project to be completed.  So, to help you finish the project on the time limited set by the condo board, it is best to hire a professional Condo Remodeling St. Petersburg contractor.

There are some condo owners who are planning to sell their condos in the future when their family grows bigger and they will need a bigger house.  If you have a custom built condo, it might be difficult to sell.  Your highly customized condo unit should be renovated to a more buyer-friendly unit, if you want to sell it in the future.

In a stand along house you can make additions to increase its size, but this is not true if you are living in a condo.  An illusion of space can be created to make your condo space look bigger.  If you want your condo space look bigger, here are some renovation suggestions.

Brightening up your rooms is made possible by suing light neutral paint color.  Light colored flooring can also create an illusion of a big room.  Storage space can be increased by adding ceiling-to-floor shelves.  The bed should be a platform bed with drawers that are built-in.  If you want a roomy look for your small condo, you can plan your lighting well.

Renovating your condo can help you enjoy a more comfortable living space.  Abiding by the rules of the condo management will make the renovation trouble-free.  Plan the project with the help of an experienced Residential Construction St. Petersburg contractor and make your condo beautiful.


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